From cooperation to co-creation, the Someli story

Imagine two professionals from completely different worlds – Rajiv, a seasoned wealth manager, and Vietek, a specialist in videography services – coming together to build something incredible.

Their paths crossed within the vibrant BNI network. While their individual fields might seem worlds apart, BNI’s focus on building strong relationships fostered a unique synergy.

Through ongoing interaction and idea sharing, Rajiv and Vietek identified a common pain point: the time-consuming nature of social media content creation. This sparked a creative conversation, ultimately leading to the birth of “Someli,” an AI-powered platform that empowers users to generate engaging social media posts within minutes.

For them, BNI proved to be a fertile ground for collaboration by bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds. This exposure to different industries opens doors to unexpected synergies and idea exchange. In the case of Rajiv and Vietek, their seemingly unconnected fields came together to solve a common problem for countless businesses.

Rajiv and Vietek’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of BNI. It’s a reminder that when you connect with a diverse network of professionals, the possibilities for innovation and success become limitless.

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