Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on an extraordinary DNA of our BNI community, Roshan Weerasuriya!

Roshan joined BNI 11 years ago with a clear vision – to improve his business and build a robust network. Since then, he has become an integral part of our BNI family, always embracing the philosophy of “Givers Gain.”

What motivates Roshan to give his heart and soul to BNI? It’s the culture of “helpfulness” within the community. He genuinely believes in supporting others without expecting anything in return. Witnessing the success stories and growth of fellow members has been a constant source of inspiration for Roshan. He firmly believes that BNI offers unique opportunities that are hard to find in any other business network.

For Roshan, BNI has been much more than just a place to gain business. It’s a platform that has brought him incredible gains, such as finding great suppliers, forming valuable partnerships (even cross-country), and most importantly, forging lifelong friendships.

Through his journey with BNI, Roshan has grown personally in several ways. Notably, his speaking skills have soared, allowing him to confidently address large audiences. As a trainer/facilitator for BNI, he has also honed his training and facilitation skills, contributing to his professional development.

Join us in celebrating Roshan Weerasuriya, an outstanding DNA of BNI ! His passion, dedication, and commitment continue to make a significant impact on all of us.

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