Meet Rukesh Naik, the embodiment of BNI Synergy’s spirit

Meet Rukesh Naik, the embodiment of BNI Synergy’s spirit. With an unwavering commitment since joining BNI in 2014, Rukesh has not only achieved remarkable business success but has also become the heartbeat of our chapter.

His journey began in BNI India, and he carried his passion for networking to Dubai, where he established a thriving business. Rukesh’s motivation stems from the vibrant energy of BNI meetings, the unwavering support of fellow members, and the profound camaraderie we share.

Rukesh’s influence extends far beyond the boardroom. As a finance professional, he has facilitated connections, leading to over AED 3 million in business for his BNI colleagues.

But Rukesh’s true gift lies in his ability to build enduring relationships. Through BNI, he has honed his communication skills, embraced accountability, and cultivated an abundance mentality—truly embodying the ‘Givers Gain’ philosophy.

Moreover, Rukesh is not just a leader within BNI Synergy; he also supports BNI Gladiators as the Ambassador and has now taken on the role of Launch Director for a new chapter soon to be launched in the Deira region.

Today, we celebrate Rukesh Naik—a living testament to the power of BNI, a mentor, and a friend. Thank you for inspiring us all.

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